Why Consign?

Why partner with Consignments on Park? Clean, safe and convenient • All items are bar coded for accuracy • Large enough to handle all your needs • Most major credit cards accepted (to increase purchase power for YOUR items) • Sell an average of 95% of consigned items within 90 days

What items can I bring? • Furniture, Antiques, Home Décor, Accessories, Jewelry and Handbags • Not sure? Just ask! • We do not handle Electronics or Clothing

If you’re considering options other than consigning please consider these things first… • How valuable is your time? • Safety/Liability • Do you really enjoy arguing/haggling? • We self-insure our items

How do I get my items to you? We have three easy ways to do that. Drop In: Anyone may bring up to 25 items Tuesday – Wednesday- Thursday between the hours of 10:00am – 5:00pm for us to evaluate. No appointment needed. We will price your items while you wait. • By Appt: If our “Drop-In” hours don’t fit your schedule we may be able to work by appointment on Monday, Friday or Saturday. • Pickup: We work with a local mover to help you get your items to us in a safe and timely manner.

What is the consignment split? • You receive 60% of the consigned price for items priced $100 more; 50% for items of lesser value.

How long do you keep my items on consignment? • Each contract is for 90 days. One 10% price reduction will occur at 30 days as well as an additional 10% at 60 days, for a total of 20% for the remainder of your contract.

What happens to any unsold items after 90 days? • Any item priced at $10 or more can be picked up between the 91st – 97th day of your contract or you may re-consign your item(s) for another 90 day period. Items of lesser value may be donated to a local charity and a receipt can be requested.

Do you have a market for “my type of items”? • We have sold items for $1.99 and as much as $8,000. We try to keep a mix of styles and price points so there is something for everyone.

Helpful Hints • E-mail donna@consignmentsonpark.com or bring in photos for pre-approval prior to bringing in large pieces. • Give any information good or bad that might influence pricing; condition, manufacturer, age, etc